DIY Skirt

How I did it in pictures

How I did it in pictures

It is no secret that I did not inherit my mother’s sewing skills (nor my dad’s car skills) despite a vigorous attempt to bestow it upon me. In the past, I have had no desire to try again. I made a quilt once when I was a teenager for my grandma and hand stitched the entire thing. This results in a rather crocked, and simplistic quilt. But it was for my grandma, so she loved it.

I still have not mastered a sewing machine. Nor do I own one. So when I got an itch to stitch, I looked up easy patterns that I knew I could hand stitch. I found a tutorial on Pintrest, bought a yard of fabric and some waistband elastic and set to work. To be honest, it was fairly easy and would have gone a lot faster with a sewing machine. However, it was rather therapeutic to hand stitch it. It took me probably a good 6 hours to complete it, but I stitched some of it on car rides, some of it while watching TV and some of it while relaxing after a race. I am rather proud of the end result. And I plan to let the girls try their hand at stitching one each next. We can have a girls’ bonding project and make skirts.

This one is rather short – so I opt to wear leggings with it. But it’s girly and flirty and I MADE it. So I am pleased. Next up though – learn how to use the sewing machine and conquer bigger projects.

Here’s the full tutorial:

My own Disney Skirt!

My own Disney Skirt!

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